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Exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy life and preventing chronic diseases. Before recommending any physical activity, we advise our clients to answer a simple form called Physical Activity Readiness Questionaire also known as PAR-Q.  This form will help us determine if we need pre-approval from your doctor to start on your exercise regimen.


Most activities like walking or swimming are usually safe, but it is best to consult with your physician if: 


• You are incredibly unsteady on your feet

• you are taking medication that can cause dizziness or impair you.  

• You suffer from a chronic health condition such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases or diabetes or poor bone health such as osteoporosis.

Please take a few moment to fill out our PAR-Q form to ensure that you are safe to start a physical activity regimen and email to victoria@miracleskinrelief.com  


We use two different types of principles FITT and PROS. The FITT principle is based on Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type. 


The frequency of the exercise is essential to establish it will allow you to determine why you are exercising and what you are trying to achieve through the physical activity. This will enable you to customize the times you are able to work out during the week according to the fitness level you are at while making time for other commitments. The idea is to set a realistic goal for the time you will commit yourself to work out. 


Intensity is a critical aspect of the FITT principle. There are some easy ways to monitor your heart rate, you can use a FITBit, Apple Watch or other gadgets that you can find at local stores that specialize in health or sporting goods. 


Another way to monitor your heart rate is to put your index and middle finger on your wrist or neck count the beats over 15 seconds then multiply it by four, this is the number of beats per minute you must reach while exercising.  


Time is determined by what you are trying to achieve through the workout. If you are doing cardio 25-30 minutes is basic if you are trying to maintain health or weight. If weight loss is the motivation behind the workout 45 minutes are required. When toning or strengthening muscles the reps may vary as well, the average reps will be 3 per exercise 10 reps. 


The Type of conditioning is determined by what the goal is, weight loss, toning, it all can vary.


The PROS principle differs it is based on Progression, Regularity, Overload, and Specificity. 

Progression is how the exercise progresses throughout the workout, so the person doesn't become stagnant with the goals trying to be achieved.

Regularity is the frequency of workout similar to the Frequency as in the FITT principles mentioned above. 



Overload is where the body is pushed to higher standards than normal, to improve overall fitness. Examples of will be walking faster, raising the levels to incline or speed on a treadmill, or adding more contraction to the muscles when strength training or holding a stretch pose for a more extended period of time.



Specificity is the focused, targeted areas of the workout. Concentrated workouts help the individual reach optimal fitness, cardio for strengthening the heart, squats, and lunges for legs, stretch exercises to improve flexibility. 


Here is an example of a FITT and PROS program:


What methods of exercise are recommended for optimal results?


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