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Drink water psoriasis sufferers!

You may think that this recommendation is overrated, but our bodies are composed of approximately 60-65% water. Why are many health professionals are continually recommending to drink water?

Throughout our daily activities, we drain enough fluid from our bodies via urination, sweating, defecation, and breathing. We must recharge and replenish ourselves with clean, fresh water to keep our organs functioning correctly; the most significant organ we have is our skin. 

Sometimes we forget that the skin in the first fighting against foreign invaders that can harm our health. Drinking water helps maintain our bodies adequately hydrated, increases the bodies natural ability of detoxification and keeps our skin plump and healthy. 

Room temperature water vs. cold water?

Opt for drinking room temperature water or warm water to increase hydration and promote detoxification. It may feel weird at first drinking warm water because we have always had the conception that iced cold water is what should consume. But think about this your body needs to heat up the water to core temperature to absorb its minerals and provide expenditure. Why you drink warm water, it is ready for the body consumption. 

How does hydration effect psoriasis?

Maintaining your body hydrated can reverse dry, brittle skin, keep the skin moisturized and decrease flare-ups for psoriasis and any other skin condition. Not only that water helps with the skin, but the endocrine system secretes an adequate amount of hormones like histamine and cortisol which correlate how your immune system and stress levels react to foreign invaders. 

What is the proper amount of water we should drink?

As previously indicated water is crucial for healthy metabolism, hormone secretion and maintaining overall wellness the average person should divide their body weight in half, and drink that amount of water in ounces.  So for example, if you weigh 150 lbs split that into 2, that is 75 lbs. No, you are not drinking 75lbs of water but 75 ounces of water. If you are thinking how am I going to drink these large quantities of water? He is a suggestion, first thing in the morning drink a cup of water, 15 minutes before and after meals, and before you go to bed. Instead of drinking soda or coffee replace them with water. You will get the daily intake of water needed if you follow these suggestions. 

Just like to of our most essential organs the liver and kidney our body depends on our skin to eliminate harmful toxins via sweat. Drinking warm water softens the oils we ingest that often store with our digestive system and the remaining areas of our body. By doing so, we enhance our digestions system and eliminate the fat deposits and contaminates helping the body to relieve the additional stress that occurs while removing body wastes and toxins.

Drink Water! Warm water if possible, it does your body right!

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