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Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: Part 1 What is it?

Hello Everyone, This is Victoria with the Ms. Victoria's Health and Wellness forum and The PureLife Wellness Center, today we are going to talk about one of the most beautiful creations Women! In this segment, we are going to talk about Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, which is the low libido in women! Ladies, how many of you want to sex all the time and, some you do not? Women do not always want to have sex! Every female is different! Sometimes ladies feel that having sex three times a day, once a day, once a week or even once a month! Regular sexual frequency is based on their own experiences and biological drive. When a woman has a low libido or low sex drive, and it bothered by the lack of interest in sex, she has a medical condition called Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder(HSDD).

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorders, or (HSDD) is when an individual lacks sexual fantasies, feels non-receptive to sexual activity or when sexual activity causes distress in their relationship. Many underlining factors may cause HSDD many emotional and/or physical. Physical causes of HSDD can include: arthritis coronary artery disease diabetes hormonal disorders fatigue or exhaustion medications age Emotional causes of HSDD include: anxiety, depression low self-esteem a history of sexual trauma trust issues The list goes on. We have gone over the underlining issues that may cause HSDD, what should one do next?

First, speak to your medical provider, explain your symptoms, and if you are suffering from any emotional distress. If your medical provider confirms that you have HSDD, Second, make a choice, do you want to take conventional medications to address this issue or a more alternative route. I hope this content is useful. Stay tuned to part 2 of this segment! If you found it helpful, hit the subscribe button, share, like, and tag a friend! Thank you for watching! Peace, Love, and light! Stay Safe!

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