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Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: Part 2 Alternative Therapies

You are probably contemplating on an alternative route in addressing your HSDD symptoms, that is why you have click on part 2 of What a Woman? Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder.

Here are some of the suggestions for you! Start by making lifestyle changes! Lifestyle changes could also alleviate stress and help re-develop that sex drive you once had! Exercising regularly, this may seem repetitive, but exercising increasing the happy hormone and helps relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and increases energy and vitality.

Set aside time for intimacy! Yep schedule it! Plan out the time you will dedicate to have sexual intercourse with your partner! Experiment! Sexual experimentation, it may be that you are just bored with the routine, incorporate different positions, play games, role play, add sex toys! (such as different positions, role-playing, or sex toys).

Avoid substances that change sexual desire, like tobacco and alcohol, like men smoking and drinking, can decrease sexual desire and reduce or delay the occurrence of an orgasm! Practice stress-relieving techniques, such as mindfulness-based interventions, meditation, breathing exercises these methods can promote relaxation.

Take herbal supplements that will not interfere with your medications to help give oomph to that libido; our company makes ones called Sexy Women, a herbal remedy like so, support the female libido by increasing lubrication, sexual desire, and the regulation of hormones. Lastly, try to have sex; if mentally, you want to, and the body doesn't respond, try! Females are different than males; if we don't use it, we lose, we are not light switches. I hope this content is useful if you have more questions on the subject comment below! If you found it helpful, hit the subscribe button, share, like, and tag a friend! Thank you for watching! Peace, Love, and light! Stay Safe!

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