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The Impact of Globalization on Food Choices and Health

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

What is Globalization? Globalization is the ability to move products, services, and migration of people throughout the globe (Globalization, n.d.). It is a form of communion between countries welcoming investments made by foreigners into their local economy, easing trade of food products, and allowing companies to come and invest in their local economy with lower tariffs and issues. The Free Trade Agreements signed within the countries have a significant impact on food choices and the health of their populations. Food globalization has a considerable influence on food choices and health throughout the world. The availability of fast foods and other food sources has increased over the last decade in many countries upon the completion of the negotiations of the Free Trade Agreement with 20 countries. This agreement allows food importers and exporters to sell and exchange food products freely, with lower tariffs and taxes. But how do these trade negotiations influence food choice and the health nation? Globalization has its benefits as well as its damage. The most significant advantag