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Exercises you can do at home!

This section of our website are videos we have found to be helpful to achieve your daily exercise requirements without the expensive fees or memberships. All you need is the willpower to get up and get started. Please check with your doctor to make sure its safe for you to start an exercise regimen.

Before starting vigorous exercise, it is essential to warm up muscles and ligaments to prevent injury. Warm-ups gradually increase heart rate and circulation increasing blood flow and loosening the joints. Fitness Special made this helpful video to show you how to warm up appropriately.

Lunges work your hips, butt, thighs, hamstrings, calf muscles, but it doesn't only work your legs it also helps strengthen your abdominals and the back muscles. Not sure how to make a lunge correctly? This video is an excellent guide! Work Try it for yourself!

Want to increase strength and endurance! Try doing a plank. Planks are one of the most beneficial exercises that help strengthen your abs, back, and core while working your glutes and hamstrings.

Crunches work several muscles in your abdominal area with proper rotations. When targeting the rectus abdominis muscles, you can strengthen the internal and external oblique muscles.  

Are you afraid to start a workout regimen? But you like to dance! Try Zumba! Zumba is a workout fitness program that originates from a Columbian dancer Alberto Perez, it is fun, invigorating and workouts every muscle in your body including your heart! It is safe for the whole family to try!

Try these two work out videos! You will not regret it!





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