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Meet Ms.Vie

Health and Wellness is a passion of mine since I was a young girl, having a rough childhood living with food scarcity, neglect, and abuse. Food wasn't as available for me as other children; access to medical doctors or supplementation nutrition was out of the question.
At about the age of eight, I entered a foster home. The family struggled with my health because I suffered from a quantitative deficiency of hemoglobin, also known as "anemia," while also suffering from asthma's upper respiratory conditions. The family started me on a regimen. Daily they gave me multivitamins, iron, fed me nutritious foods, as a child should have their meals, and luckily my foster family contacted my grandmother. 

My Grandma lived in Puerto Rico and was unaware of what was occurring in our family, but she happily nursed me back to help with help the help of my foster mother and her herbal remedies.
Since then, I have had the opportunity to learn from a renowned island herbalist, which, of course, is my Grandma. Work with one of the largest vitamin manufacturers that made supplements and specialty formulas for Dr. Atkins, Twin Labs, Action Labs, and other more significant vitamin manufacturers.

This company has as much of an impact on me as my grandmother did; they took the time to train 16-year-old me because of the thirst for learning I have in herbalism, supplemental Nutrition, and different modalities in the Alternative medicine field.  

Since I supported myself and had to earn more income, I decided to try other areas in the corporate world, retailing, restaurants. Still not satisfied with my life, when the opportunity and the savings accumulated, I realized my dream to open a health food store called "PureLife." 

The move to owning a store that provided herbal remedies, supplements, fresh juices, and salads, personal hygiene products encouraged me to formulate herbal tonics, skincare, and other items without harsh chemicals. But it didn't seem enough for me to lead our consumers to health with the knowledge I acquired or had embedded in me from a young age.
Naturally, I wanted to know more. I decided to go back to school in my mid-thirties and become a doctor in Public Health. I started with a certificate program in Nutrition to make sure that I enjoyed and wanted to further myself in this field, then took a Reiki, then decided to enroll myself in a four-year university. Purdue University Global helped me focus more on the importance of health. I followed the bachelor's degree with a Masters's in Public Health, and still, the passion thrives in me to help others reach their optimum health with alternative therapies and finding the source of disease.

A story of Holistic Beginnings

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