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Diabetes Part 2, Reversing Pre-diabetes Holistically

In the last segment we went over Pre-diabetes and explained what makes a person a Pre-diabetic, we spoke about how the pancreas pretty much gives up on trying to control the absorption of sugar into the cells for energy, and the causes of Pre-diabetes. Today we will discuss how we can reverse diabetes and its importance. Today we are going to go over holistic measures that can help reverse Pre-diabetes; Please pay close attention because this information can help you prevent the occurrence of Type 2 Diabetes.

The first suggestion is to work on the weight. Set a goal of losing 10-11 percent of your total body weight So what does that mean? If you weigh 220 lbs, how much bodyweight do you have to lose? Approximately 24 to 26 pounds. Studies show that losing 10-11% of your weight can help decrease the chances of developing diabetes within the next three years, pretty much extending the time for Pre-diabetes manifesting itself as Type 2 Diabetes.