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Eastern Carolina Local Honey & Bee Pollen, though not scientifically established, local raw, unprocessed honey is claimed to help alleviate symptoms of seasonal allergies.  The reason is that bees are pollinating within the same vegetation that we live in, by consuming local honey it builds a histamine resistance to the released pollen. A study posted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information in 2013 {1} that within eight weeks of consuming large amounts of local honey alleviated symptoms of environment-related allergies. 


Nettle or Stinging nettle as many may know it reduces the inflammatory response by breaking down proteins or calming has nerve receptors that create an allergic reaction acting as anti-histamine fighting off allergens{2}.  


According to an article written in a Pharmacology magazine in Brazil in 2013 {3}, research indicated that Mullein leaves contain a naturally occurring component of saponins, iridoid, and phenylethanoid glycosides, flavonoids, vitamin C, and minerals. The powerful attributes of Mullein leaves and flowers contain acts as a pain reliever, decrease inflammation response, act as an anti-spasmolytic, and expectorant.


Goldenrod has many attributes, but in particular, it causes contraction of body tissue calming irritation to eyes, runny nose and sneezing associated with seasonal allergies.  Goldenrod also can expel mucus from the upper respiratory tract and aids in the reduction of inflammation of the throat {4}. 


Horseradish has shown to be a great supporter of allergy symptoms; the reason being is because it helps increase circulation and helps dilates the sinus cavities, its antibiotic properties help fight against bacterial and viral infections.  


In Native American medicine, Goldenseal was the go-to herb to help fight against a diverse amount of diseases.  The Iroquois tribe, in particular, used the Goldenseal herb to help fight pneumonia and whooping cough, later it was found that it showed benefits in reducing inflammation and irritation of the ears, nose, and throat associated with seasonal allergies or pollutants. 


Amla C or Gooseberry is a popular supplement due to its high Vitamin C and antioxidant content. The beneficial properties of this berry support healthy immune function and aids in combating viruses and bacterial infections. 


For many years Marshmallow was used to help soothe and support the digestive tract with heartburn, ulcers, constipation and other gastrointestinal ailments. But because of the high mucilage produced by Marshmallow, many herbalists believe that Marshmallow root is beneficial in aiding dry coughs, inflammations of the mucous membranes, irritation of the nasal cavities, throat, and mouth.  It acts as an expectorant and creates a protective film in the upper respiratory system by doing so; it enables the body to fortify the immune system, fight against allergies and bacteria. 


Oregon Grape Root acts as a demulcent; it helps evaporate the mucous in the nasal cavities and dry up watery eyes while co-fighting with our immune system against sinus infections and inflammations. 



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Grandma's Allergy Serum

  • Honey, Bee pollen, Nettle, Mullien Leaf, Goldenrod, Horseraddish, Slippery Elm, Goldenseal, Amla C, Marshmallow Root, and Oregon Grape.

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