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Miracle Skin Relief Lip Balm has a unique blend of organic herbs and oils that refreshes, rejuvenates and soothes cracked, chapped and dry lips. Its antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties help protect your lips from skin eruptions.


This soothing lip balm will penetrate into your skin rather than just be sealing it off like many of the other lip balms made with petroleum and petrochemicals.


Miracle Skin Relief Lip Balm can be used on children as well as adults. It is free from parabens, petroleum, chemicals, heavy metals, gluten, GMO's, silicones, flavors and dyes. All of the herbs and oils infused into this product have been hand-selected and are 100% natural.

Miracle Skin Relief Lip Balm

  • Apply as needed for instant relief. Use daily for happy, healthy and younger looking lips!

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